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We are a UK business forum, a community of business people getting together to share small business advice, experiences and business ideas. Originally founded in 2008 with a focus on Start Ups, we now offer help and advice on everything from starting up, money and finances, graphic and web design, e-commerce and social media to PR- public relations, marketing, sales, employment and legal issues, not only for start-ups but for SME’s.

Need help building a business plan – we can help to research all of the key aspects of setting up your business and preparing a plan.

Need cash flow advice? – we will help you with information to help you assess your start-up and running costs and help with creating cash flow and profit forecasts.

Marketing – our members will help you with information to help you understand the marketplace and decide how to position and promote your products and services.

Employment, tax and legal issues - from tax for sole traders through to Employment Law, we can provide information and advice to help you start and continue in the right way.

And much more

Not all business & social networks are the same. UK Business Labs brings people together and makes blogging, networking, discussion and marketing easy and effective. UK Business Labs integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tapatalk and countless other social media tools; which enables you to share your content quickly.

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